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Snow Day FAQs

How do I find out if there is a snow day?

There are a few different ways we notify parents of school closings. The major news stations to check for school cancellations are: LEX 18, Channel 36, Channel 27 and FOX 56. The radio stations that broadcast Boyle County school closings are:  WHIR/WRNZ and WDBF. You can also follow Boyle County Schools' Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements. In addition, a One-Call will be sent out either the night before a cancellation, or the morning of a cancellation, depending on when a decision is made regarding school closings.


I am not getting the One-Call or I want to add a number to the One-Call notification list. What do I need to do?

Please contact your child’s school secretary to make sure that your information is correct and current. They can assist you in changing/adding phone numbers to the One-Call list.


How is the decision to close school made?

We take the decision to close school very seriously, and there are many factors that go into this decision. The final decision to close or delay school is made by a committee including the Superintendent, the Director of Operations, the Transportation Department, and other Administrators. When there is a chance of inclement weather, the Transportation Department drives the roads in the Boyle County District. If there is black ice, or if conditions are deemed unsafe for buses, school start time will either be delayed, or school will be cancelled depending on the severity of the road conditions. Weather advisories from the National Weather Service are also a factor when determining if conditions are unsafe for our students and staff. While we certainly do pay attention to decisions made by surrounding districts to cancel or delay school, our district will not close simply because other schools choose to do so.


The roads look fine. Why is the school closed?

The state has a system in place that prioritizes certain roads. These roads will be cleared of snow before roads with lower priority. While some roads may be clear, it is important to remember that we have many students who live on roads that may be dangerous for buses, which could result in a school closing.


When would schools be closed due to wind chill?

We will monitor the National Weather Service for either Wind Chill Advisories (when wind chills are between -10 and -24 degrees and winds are 10 MPH or more) or Wind Chill Warnings (when wind chills are -25 degrees and winds are 10 MPH or more) in the Boyle County area. In the event of a Wind Chill Advisory, schools will likely stay open unless there are bus fleet or building issues. Buses and buildings will be assessed by 6 am. If there is a Wind Chill Warning, schools will close. Because it is difficult to assess the wind chill far in advance, these decisions will be made the morning of the day in question.


If I have a concern regarding school closings, whom do I contact?

We understand that some school closings are controversial. The safety of our students and staff is always paramount. If you have a concern please feel free to contact our Director of Operations, Chris Holderman. Please realize that there are many factors that go into making each decision (see question above).


If I decide to keep my child home even though the school does not close for weather, will the absence be counted against them?

Yes. This will count as an unexcused absence. All board policies regarding absences (parent notes, Dr. notes, etc.) will apply.


Don’t we have snow days built into the calendar?

No. We have 10 days that are intended for make-up days, but these are outside of the regular school calendar.


Why do we have to make up every single day that we miss?

Regulations regarding classroom instructional time have changed. In Kentucky, it is required that there be 1,068 hours of instruction. (This equates to about 170 school days)


Don’t we have “calamity days”?

No. Some states do allow calamity days, which do not have to be made up, but Kentucky is not one of them. KDE requires that all students in Kentucky attend school for 1,068 hours of instructional time. (This equates to about 170 school days). The Legislature has approved "Non-Traditional Instruction Days".


What is a "Non-Traditional School Plan"?

In previous years Kentucky school districts were invited to apply for a non-traditional school day waiver if they, historically, have missed more than 20 days. In 2014 all districts were invited to apply for the waiver. Boyle County submitted a very detailed plan that outlines how instruction will delivered for ALL students during a day when school is not open due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., snow days). The plan gives teachers the opportunity to refine their digital presence for content delivery and makes concessions for those students that may not readily have access to technology or network resources.


Do "Non-Traditional Days" count as regular school days?

Yes. The Kentucky Legislature (KRS 158.070 Section 9) has approved Boyle County Schools for up to 10 days, for the use of alternative methods of instruction, including virtual learning. 

Why can’t we just keep adding days to the end of the school year?

We can and do add some days to the end of the school year (up to 10) as make up days. Beyond these 10 days, summer activities, family vacations, athletic programs, etc. begin to be impacted. If we continued adding days, it would affect a large percentage of the student and staff population.


Are there any other options for making up snow days?

If we begin to exceed ten school closings, different options for making up these instructional days are explored. These can include, but are not limited to: scheduled breaks (including spring break), adding time to school hours, attending school on Memorial Day, and adding instructional days on Saturdays. A variety of these options may be utilized when the number of snow days exceeds ten days. We realize that each of these options may cause inconveniences for students and staff, but we have no choice but to make up all instructional time. Any decision made regarding calendar changes is subject to board approval.


I have Spring Break plans. Are we still going to have Spring Break?

This is a difficult decision for any district to face, and it is one we don’t take lightly. Many staff and students plan vacations during this time and if at all possible we try to leave Spring Break intact. Using Spring Break as make up instructional days begin to become a probability when the district misses more than 10 days. This calendar change is subject to board approval.


But I can’t cancel my Spring Break plans, so my child will be missing some days. Do these absences count against him/her?

These will be unexcused absences. All board policies regarding absences (parent notes, Dr. notes, etc.) will apply.


Why don’t we use March 17th (KEA day) as one of our make up days?

State Legislature has mandated that all schools in Kentucky be closed on March 17th. We are allowed to use this day as a staff working day, but not for instructional time.


Who decides which breaks we get and how do we change those for the upcoming school year?

The school board makes calendar decisions for the district. These discussions begin in January. Board meetings are open to the public, and all parents are encouraged to attend to voice their opinions. Board meetings are typically held the third Thursday of every month.


When will graduation be this year?

The graduation date is normally set and approved in March.