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Leader in Me at Junction City Elementary

Leader in Me Lighthouse Logo
tion City Elementary School continues to see positive results in both academics and behavior, thanks to the Leader in Me® program. The program utilizes five paradigms to shift the culture in a school to one of shared leadership between teachers and students. Students, teachers, and families all work together to promote achievement and growth in the school.
Each month, the school focuses on one of Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in order to encourage leadership skills and 21st century skills. These habits reinforce the program’s See, Do, Get model, which works by shifting the school’s way of thinking and communicating in order to enact more effective practices, leading to improved measurable results. 


In 2019, Junction City was certified through the Leader in Me program as a Lighthouse School, a prestigious benchmark standing for high achievement. These schools have embraced the program, use it daily and have seen measurable results from doing so. There are just over 300 schools in the country with this designation.